Daily Timelapse Project

Daily Timelapse Project

On August 8, 2017 Misha Martin began his Daily Timelapse project, dedicated to the idea of showing endless movements occurring in time and space, unrecognized by the naked eye. Using a time-lapse technique, Misha films single frame for a certain period of time and later projects it in a short movie manner, hereby telling a story of the gradual and eternal change. The philosophy behind the Daily Timelapse project remains faithful to the principle of physis, the constant growth and development in nature, and is therefore not a subject to any time frames or deadlines.

Observation of fleeting moments shown in a rapidly changing stylistic is a soul-cleansing and cathartic experience, as it reminds the observers that, despite their life-goals and endless pursuit after money or success, they themselves remain a subject of time and constant change, beyond control of anyone or anything. This idea is both disturbing and alluring, depressive and hope-giving. It faces people with their simultaneously mere and leading role in nature. People are, in fact, nothing more than just fleeting moments in time and space. By transforming the time-consuming change into a fast-forward motion, Misha shows that the surrounding world is unstoppable and autonomous, while people can only opt to adapt, as there is nothing they can do to change the endless change.


Daily Timelapse is still ongoing project!

You can check fresh timelapses on Youtube

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